Sunday, September 19, 2010

169 Days to Go - 36 things accomplished!!

Woo hoo!! I've checked off more than a third of my list!! That was my more realistic hope after having been at the list for a bit. And there it is! There is yet time to accomplish much, and I will keep at it. And I do think I will still do a list again when this is over.

I re-read my posts tonight. It was interesting to me the things that I repeated over and over and over. (Who on earth would follow this? How boring!)

Getting out of debt was huge in the beginning. And one of our greatest accomplishments. I had the same realizations over and over: that I perhaps reached too far with some goals; that I was ignoring my reading lists in favor of other reading material; that I learned to spend time with my children on a more individual basis; that my scripture study brought GREAT joy when I was consistent.

Good lessons. I am sure I have many, many more to learn. And if this is a means to learning those lessons, I am grateful for the journey.

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