Monday, September 21, 2009

Hey 16!

I have 16 things totally done on my list. My temple sessions are well on the way, and most of my kid-dates are doing pretty good. I'm not reading enough (for list purposes anyway) and I need to get my crocheting done!! I have big doubts I'll ever get that sampler done for Tanner...

Day 469

I don't have too many posts because I just keep going back to update the original list. But oh, my, do I get to update a lot of things tonight! I have been getting so much done, one little baby step at a time. And too, I'm seeing a lot of things getting done kind of amazingly, without me really planning on getting it done... Like tonight, I cleaned out the birthday box, finally. It was birthday night and we are stone broke (because we only have TWO more payments to make to WIPE OUT our credit card debt!!) and I needed four presents for my wonderful nieces and nephews. To the birthday box, Batman!