Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 36

#89 - Pulled out the huge pink notebook I've kept for over 10 years with my college papers in it. Threw out most of it, into the recycle bin. I did keep my work from my Personal History class, because that's my journal! I also kept work from my poetry classes and a couple of my imitation papers from another writing course just because that was one of my favorite classes and I love the work I produced there.

There is still a box to go through, but I know that box doesn't contain JUST college stuff. It also has my drafts of stories I've written. It will be a challenge to stay focused and go through the college stuff, but along with my work on Helium (#6), maybe it will be a new starting point as well.

#42 - Think I will now go compose my list of 10 movies from Turner Classic channel website...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 35

#1 - Well into Numbers. Missing reading the Book of Mormon. Think I'll have to make more time in my day so I can read both the Book of Mormon and the Old Testament.

#6 - Helium added another reward thing. Not at a place right now where I think, hey I'll write an article every day! But maybe I can do one a week...

#22 - This one doesn't feel like it counts because we're paying down that debt on a huge automatic payment every month. But that grand total goes down every month!!

#23 - Finally got more yarn so I can work on Tasmin's afghan again. And that means movies!

#49 - Family Favorites cookbook. Thinking about it must count. I think about it every night at 6 o'clock...

#96 - Avery is sad I haven't started on his date list yet. I'll ask him tomorrow for some ideas of what we should do together. It would be super easy if we had money. Doing in on the frugal side will take some creativity.


I am waiting for banana bread to be done in the oven. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new mixer that Matt won for me at a silent auction. Best $4 he ever spent on me. Can't wait to collect the ingredients for the Ezekiel bread, but I must say Matt's invention of chile cheddar focaccia is absolutely to die for!!

It's interesting... I think about this list all the time. My thoughts go back and forth. Did I dream too big? Did I plan too much? Was I realistic at all? And then I switch and think, heck yeah I can do this! And I'm just totally enjoying this journey...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 28

Boy, it would be nice if I'd check in more often...

#1: Still reading every single day, which makes me really happy. In the middle of Numbers.

#4: Missing my friend Charlotte who usually does long walks with me every Saturday. We haven't gone together for the last two weeks. I went with Tanner and Maggie - but let's face it, that was NOT a work out! Went last week all by myself and that was absolute bliss! De Azevedo in the nano, a beautiful early morning, a new section of the River Walk... oh yeah! Like that!

#15: Pulled out Tanner's sampler, but only because I need to buy yarn for Tasmin's afghan and am out of money for the time being. This may be the last x-stitch project I do without a magnifying glass... if I last that long!

#28: Oh yeah, baby! That scale says 160 this morning! That's a 20 pound mark! Go me!

#77: Caldecott - think I'll go read Hugo Cabret after I'm done here.

#79: Cube - can't quite get the middle layer anymore. Where is that answer book?

#93: July 5th was my 4th session and was a spur of the moment trip. Ahhhh....

#97: Took Maggie to work with me today (I SO love my boss) and took her to Extreme Pita for lunch. She's getting pretty good on the adding machine, but the enormous stack of mail today was a little daunting!

Ooh, out of order, but I'm going to work on my journal collection (#88) for 10 minutes before I go read.

Hope there is a Michael's coupon soon. I can't watch my movies without crochet yarn, and there's a lot of watching on my list. And I can't cross stitch and watch anymore; too hard on my eyes.

There's a Franklin Covey workshop in town in September. Seems to go so hand in hand with everything I'm working toward. THAT would be neat to attend. It's all about focusing on the things that are really important.