Friday, June 4, 2010

276 days left

I have 30 things accomplished, when I check off my dates with my kids. I KNOW I've had more one on one time with them than I ever recorded. But putting it down on my list really made me focus on that, and that has been awesome.

There's still 71 things that AREN'T crossed off my list. And there's a lot of time left. Am I giving up? Nah. But I do keep looking at things in different ways. Growing, changing, deciding differently where the focus is...

I have discovered that I don't like "working the list" anymore. Revelatory for me. Working the list means I ignore the life.

Never ignore the life.

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Latharia said...

We've not been working our list, either, but with our end date creeping up on us next January, we are looking at it more often. And I crossed one item off today. :)