Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 573

Less than half to go, but still much time.

I have 20 things crossed off my list, and still making progress on many of the others. We didn't make it to the temple last month at all, which is really sad. I'm hardly reading anything right now and I'd really like to change that. Although, I am reading my scriptures a great deal more than I used to. I am particularly reading the Book of Mormon right now, but we just started the Old Testament again in Sunday School, so hopefully that will help me finally get past Kings.

I have other accomplishments that never made it to the list in the first place... that's a good realization. FLY things, relationships with my kiddos. We watch movies a lot less and play games a lot more. I am exercising tons more these days, even though I am not seeing much weight come off (I need to combine my exercise with some serious brownie-depriving tactics). My desk is clean more often than it is piled. I'm a lot more focused in my calling than I used to be.

Good realizations.

I'm going to start counting DOWN the days, like on my little counter on the home page. Time's a tickin'...