Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 294

Another item got crossed off so there are 9 things done and 92 left to do. But I am making progress on some of those 92 things that have lots to do on them. For instance, I've had dates with Maggie and Tanner, I've attended the temple and I've made time to work on the afghans and watch the movies on my list.

I need to up my focus on dates with older children. Avery doesn't have ANY! I've been to his band concerts and stuff, but we haven't done anything special together before or after. I also need to quit reading (okay, maybe hurry up and finish) the Twilight series for the second time (sheepish grin) and get on with my reading list.

I have re-committed myself to my personal scripture study (why do I always seem to have to do that? Will I ever get on a pattern that I stick with?), so hopefully that will move forward again as well.

I seem to have been a little side-tracked by discovering some new list ideas like Getting Things Done and AutoFocus. Instead of letting them be incorporated in my 101/1001, I let them sidetrack me completely. My darling husband says I need to put ALL these things that I love to work with (the above lists, FlyLady, etc.) and combine into my OWN thing -- and then publish that! That would be way cool!