Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 415

I've yet to decide if I should just re-post my list or enter a dated post.... I seem to be doing both. So some of the progress I've made doesn't ever get its own post, I just update the progress right on my original list.

Ahh.... summer means I did too get to have a few dates with my children. Never as many as I would have liked, but at least I DID spend some time with them. Maggie and I got more time than I counted as dates... doing stuff at home that wasn't necessarily for very long or just the two of us. For example, I bought little cash register money at the dollar store the other night and she and Tanner set up stores in the house (Tanner stole food from EVERYWHERE) and then I came "shopping" as various different characters in their stores. That was so much fun, and Maggie loved the attention and time we spent... but... NOT a date.

This particular goal has really made me aware of spending more time with my children. So many things don't classify as "dates" but if this has made me DO more with them, what a great goal that has been!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 406

Wow. When we get to day 500 it will be the half-way point! I seriously need to get busier! Although, I must say, I was pretty darned impressed today with how many things I AM making progress on.

I'm laying in bed sick today and it was so nice to see things moving along anyway! Cool!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 387

I got to cross off something else today. I "cloud-watched" with Maggie and Tanner, but it's monsoon season so it was this amazing lightning show. We are broke, broke, broke this summer, so we scrounged through the house for coins and came up with enough for dollar sundaes for each of us (Taylor too!) from McDonalds. The air was beautiful, the sky was amazing, and the sundaes were oh-so good!

I have been using Mark Forster's AutoFocus System (it's free; I have to share) and it has been truly wonderful for me. (Well, and I got on the RIGHT depression medication and that has made a TREMENDOUS difference in my life!) So I feel like things are moving along just swimmingly, now!

I thought I would be really shocked when I checked in tonight to see how many days I had left, because I knew I had passed the one year mark. I thought I would go into panic-mode because there is so much left to do! But again, the way I set up my list to begin with, many things won't get checked off in the beginning, but a WHOLE BUNCH will get checked off near the end because they are items like "watch 10 movies" or "read 20 books" and I AM making progress on those goals. Go ME!!

Now, if only I had put "read or listen to Twilight series 87 times" on my list -- I could get that accomplished so easily!