Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 63

Good thing I didn't make posting daily something I wanted to accomplish!!

#4 - River Walk
Charlotte and I walked 6.6 miles along the Rillito on Saturday! During that last mile, we truly questioned our sanity, but we weren't sore Sunday morning and that made us feel great! It was over 14,000 steps and almost 500 calories on my little pedometer... FABULOUS!

#17 - Recipes
Oh dear. I have inherited another print-out book from the Internet. Going backwards...

#23 - Tasmin's afghan
Coming along nicely! Have to keep buying yarn which is a good sign...

#27 - MY afghan
Wow! Taylor actually pulled this tub out of the storage shed for me and I worked on it last week! Tasmin's is too big for me to take on car trips, so I needed a project when Matt and I went to the Diamondback's game. Taylor remembered the tub was marked "Mom's afghan" and said, "Why don't you work on that? You can't be that far along on it that IT'S too big yet!" Nice. Thanks, Son.

#76/#77 - Caldecott/Newbery
Zowie, I think I better get reading on a regular basis. I haven't gotten anywhere with these reading goals! That WAS part of the point, to get me to read in my "spare" time instead of playing the mindless games I get after my kids for...

88 - Journals
I work on this occasionally. I have 15 minutes planned in my dell on random nights.

#96 - Avery
Asked him today what he'd like to do with me. He could only come up with going to the movies and eating at a bazillion different restaurants. Gonna have to save for those...

Hmph. I don't seem to be getting much crossed off. Snippets of progress. Need to ramp things up a bit. Have to come up with a plan...