Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 264

I think that's the right number day. I may have to go back and edit it...

Just got back from the temple with Mel and my dearest friend, Liz. Man, we share our trials and challenges with each other and gripe about the things we don't like about life, and share joy about what we do like -- and I just adore being with her. I can sit in a room in complete silence just next to her and I feel it was time well spent. There is something about that woman's spirit that I just love being around. She's amazing.

Friday, February 13, 2009

8 down, 93 to go?!?!

I thought I'd be much farther along... Time to re-group and re-commit. I swear it's all about the crashed PDA.

Day 249 and way too long between posts

An update long overdue...

#1 - Still reading scriptures, but mostly the Book of Mormon. Need to get back to reading the Bible as well, but have enjoyed my time. Getting a really good personal scripture study program going around the whole day. Listening to General Conference talks almost every day (as suggested by our leaders) and reading scriptures and Jesus the Christ every night. I just need to add Preach My Gospel and writing in my journal and I will feel extremely well-accomplished!!

#3 - Had an opportunity to go, but it fell through at the last minute. But it caused me to connect with about five other friends who want to hike Sabino, so I should be able to make that happen soon!

#4 - Up to 8 miles in one morning. Just over 2 hours... Wonderful! So excited I can go so far. A BIT sore, but not zapped-the-whole-day.

#6 - Up to 4.52 and they have LOTS more ways to earn now. Will explore that as soon as I get my new PDA toy up and rolling... (old one crashed and burned and I am calendar-less and therefore completely inept at getting ANYTHING done.)

#16 - Mission accomplished!! Went to Florida and Georgia over Christmas break. What a wonderful memory...

#19 - Making friends with a lady who owns Mesquite Nursery. Extremely knowledgeable and totally willing to offer advice and help! (They advertise a "salad bowl garden" in one of those big pots on your porch. Cool!)

#22 - Under the $8000 mark and going!

#25 - Levi's is half-way done and
#26 - I have the pattern picked out for Nicole

#28 - Hit the "Lost 22 pounds" mark on the scale a couple of weeks ago, but that was before Patti brought seven layer cookies in to work to "share". I think I ate the whole pan...

#31 - Floor is all finished. The trim still needs to be finished, but I can't make Matt do it. He's working two jobs right now as it is. He can finish it when he can, but I'm marking this one DONE!

#32 - My own laptop is getting combined with fixing my PDA that crashed. Matt and I are getting ACERS, the teeniest little laptop. SO adorable and I just can't wait!

#35 - Went to DisneyWorld with Grandma and Grandpa Claridge over Christmas break. We did every free thing you can do over there. It was so much fun. Of course, I wish I could take the kids to REALLY do Disney, but things being what they are, this will have to suffice.

#36 - And while we were there we sat on the beach in the freezing cold and watched the fireworks!!

#82 - Found a roller rink still exists in Tucson and Maggie wants us to go for a date! Two birds...

#85 - Had plans to read TODAY at Love of Reading week in Maggie's class, but Tanner came down with pink eye. Now it will have to wait until next year... :-(

#89 - TA-DAH!! Couldn't come up with a reason to be keeping them, so they went in the recycle bin about two weeks ago! Woo-hoo!!! Can I just say how good THAT felt?!?! Filled up the whole BOX!

#93 - Temple sessions
I'm going to have to do some serious calendar searching. Because my record of November until now is in my broken PDA. This is becoming more tragic than I realized at first...

Okay - now I have to go to the original post and see how many are actually accomplished. Because some actually got DONE!