Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 99 - Wow, really?

Life got thrown for a loop on August 20, 2008. Nothing earth-shattering, really. A water hose burst on the washing machine and we woke up to 1 1/2 inches of water in the house. Looking back, the whole morning was quite comical, but I remember DH and I crying and saying "Oh, God!" a lot. I had the conversation with my little four-year-old that we were NOT taking the Lord's name in vain, but were truly calling on Him for help and comfort! It was a last straw kind of a day.

Lots of friends and family came to our rescue, though. The flooring is complete now except for the closet, bathrooms and laundry room and this weekend we will take our first break since it happened. My walks with Charlotte got put on hold, but we are going to go on Saturday. My legs have been getting their own new kind of work out because Matt and I are laying the flooring ourselves, but I will be interested to see what happens since I haven't been walking in about a month.

On to the report -
#1 - Deuteronomy got finished somewhere around the time of the flood (that just sounds funny, now, doesn't it?) and I am almost finished with Joshua.

#23 - Tasmin's afghan got packed up for the duration of the flood fixing, but (#25) I started Levi's because it's large squares that can go with me. His afghan is 16 huge squares and I've finished the first one.

#29 - Here's where the flood really comes into play... Remodeling the kids' bathroom is going to go hand in hand with this. We are just waiting on the insurance check. We are going to rip out the tub and fix the plumbing, put in a new toilet and new sink. We're just going to leave the game cupboard, but I do wish we had somewhere else for the games... Hmmmm......

#30 - Painting the house will also happen once the insurance check arrives. Humph. I see a pattern here...

#31 - The main room, dining room (that used to be an office, but we LIKE having a dining room again), and master bedroom and kitchen are all re-floored in Allure hickory vinyl flooring. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I have bought out three different Home Depot locations here and actually made a sale for one store. (I should SO get commission!) When we finish the closet, bathrooms and laundry, I will get to count this DONE!! Woo-hoo!!

#38 - Wood blinds - waiting for insurance check, yaddah, yaddah....

#43 - 100 things to declutter? Yeah, that'll happen next week when we start unpacking everything that got boxed up. Amazing how this flood thing is ramping up my list thing!

#55 - Patti promised when we were all done with our remodel that they would come to dinner to ooh and aahh over our work!

Okay, so it's day 99 and I have 6 things that are going to be FINISHED in pretty short order here. I think I had two done before and then once THIS work is done, I will tackle a few of my "do it in a day" items so I can see some more progress.

I see that someone is following my blog. That is so flippin' exciting!! I wonder how you do that? I'll have to look into that another session, because the bed is totally calling my name.

oh!! I have to say - we finally bought a new couch, too. I have NEVER had a new couch in my almost 20 years of marriage. We have always had second-hand couches from estate sales or friends. It is enormous and fluffy and altogether wonderful.

I need to learn how to insert pictures.

Completely happy with my progress (tonight, anyway!)